Our expertise

Mazars offers a full range of professional services including audit, accounting, tax, advisory and legal services for a wide range of clients across the spectrum of industry sectors.

Internal Audit

Mazars Wiscon Associates provides comprehensive internal audit services in Tanzania. The firm offers end to end solutions for internal audit processes of client companies belonging to diverse verticals and streamlines enterprise risk management, operational control and governance. In doing so, Mazars Wiscon Associates offers operational and financial advisory to boards of directors of client companies to address challenges of financial reporting, legal, financial and statutory compliance.

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Assurance Services

Mazars Wiscon Associates, the provider of auditing and tax consultancy services in Tanzania offers its rich expertise and experience of assurance and tax services to clients to meet, address and resolve challenges of financial reporting, stakeholder engagement and communication and corporate governance and sustainability practices.

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Mazars Wiscon Associates offers professional consultancy in Tanzania. The firm offers end to end solutions for the management of the entire spectrum of direct and indirect tax management. Mazars Wiscon Associates enables clients to streamline the function of tax management and resolve challenges that arise out of tax compliance requirements while analyzing and managing the impact of tax burden on the top line and bottom line.

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Financial Advisory

Mazars Wiscon Associates, provides an extensive of bouquet of financial advisory services to its clients from banking and financial services vertical. The suite of financial advisory services of Mazars Wiscon Associates includes but is not limited to the facets of corporate financial reporting, preparation of periodic financial statements, account books, financial guidance and forecasting, corporate budgeting, financial planning, analysis and assessment of capital structure, liabilities and assets, shareholder funds and dividend policy formulation and financial scenario analysis for different time frames while complying with globally accepted and benchmarked IFRS standards.

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Mazars Wiscon Associates is a leading provider of consulting services to client companies from different industry verticals, scopes and backgrounds. The firm offers its expertise and experience to offer consulting on a wide plethora of issues ranging from corporate performance, operational efficiency improvement, budgeting and forecasting, and risk management to enable them achieve sustainable business growth.

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Payroll Management

Mazars Wiscon Associates offers cutting edge payroll management expertise to clients from a plethora of verticals to streamline the execution of functions like salary management, tax deduction at source, employee attendance management and incentive management for staff. Mazars Wiscon Associates provides focused payroll management services for smooth and efficient execution of all functions that come under the domain of payroll.

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