Assurance Services

Mazars Wiscon Associates, the provider of auditing and tax consultancy services in Tanzania offers its rich expertise and experience of assurance and tax services to clients to meet, address and resolve challenges of financial reporting, stakeholder engagement and communication and corporate governance and sustainability practices.

Mazars Wiscon Associates works with its clients to streamline financial reporting, accounting, fraud management and taxation. To this extent the firm offers high performing people with the required knowledge resources, expertise and experience to identify challenges, conceptualize and present proactive responses and design an institutional framework for upgrading and maintaining pace with the evolution of best practices in financial reporting and benchmarked corporate governance processes, procedures and practices.

The modern day financial reporting environment is marked by a highly changing  global and local business environment that requires business enterprises to consistently reinvent, processes, procedures and practices of documentation, record keeping, communication and engagement with the stakeholder groups with an eye to enable shareholder value maximization in an uninterrupted way. Mazars Wiscon Associates’ professionals are people who have the highest quality of work ethic, integrity and precision to do justice to the job.

The firm works with a wide spectrum of client companies from a diverse range of scopes, backgrounds and industry verticals to streamline these challenges and proactively look for plumbing opportunities in financial reporting, financial report communication, stakeholder engagement and corporate governance.

To this extent the firm offers a complete suite of functions for assurance services to its clients. The functions of assurance services include but are not restricted to accounting standards and change management, fraud management, sustainability reporting and corporate governance. Business enterprises operate in an accounting environment that is always susceptible to change.

These changes in the accounting environment mandate the consistent upgrading and maintenance of accounting procedures and documentation in a scalable form that is adaptable to changes. Corporate fraud management amounts to putting in place a preventive system or mechanism with operational controls that does not stifle innovation and productivity and yet strengthens the corporation’s corporate governance institutions and boosts investor confidence. In doing so, Mazars Wisconsin Associates strives to build relationships that achieve business growth in the most ethical way possible to enhance investor confidence emanating from clean corporate governance free of corruption, bribery, nepotism and corporate fraud.

Mazars Wiscon Associates aims to improve the corporate governance processes by recommending a system designed to perform with better organizational controls and better risk management. Such corporate governance requires policy thought leadership and an ability to read and anticipate trends in the business regulatory environment and appellate institutions and thus build systems in client companies to address such challenges as and when they arise.

Mazars Wiscon Associates offers professional financial advisory, tax consulting and auditing services in Tanzania to enable clients prepare for any such eventuality and proactively build them to sustain the rigors of uncertainties, changes in regulatory climate and any downturn in the investment climate.