Mazars Wiscon Associates is a leading provider of consulting services to client companies from different industry verticals, scopes and backgrounds. The firm offers its expertise and experience to offer consulting on a wide plethora of issues ranging from corporate performance, operational efficiency improvement, budgeting and forecasting, and risk management to enable them achieve sustainable business growth.

The firm brings the expertise and experience of its people, processes, technology and a client oriented approach to enable corporations navigate through requirements of insights, analysis, ideation, innovation and transformational change management with an aim to achieve sustainability and stay relevant and competitive in their industry. The firm has a smart network of people in Tanzania for consulting government owned companies, private limited companies, public companies and family businesses.

Mazars Wiscon Associates is a leading enterprise that has built its professional identity based on its core competencies in auditing services and tax consulting in Tanzania. The firm leverages its capability to integrate its capabilities in the financial and compliance domains to provide business enterprises with consulting that can enable them to resolve challenges of business with a fresh perspective that is based on fresh new idea, innovation, insightful analysis of the client firm and harnessing of technology and human capital for sustainability.

Mazars Wiscon Associates partners with its clients to offer fully customized services of consulting that are specific to the business and revenue models and governance structure of the client firm. The firm synchronizes its service offerings with insightful data driven approach to analyze client requirements and stay ahead of competition and industry peers.

At Mazars Wiscon Associates, we understand that corporations in their quest for sustainable business growth and maximization of shareholder value need a partner who can sit with them, understand their business and revenue model and offer expert analysis and inputs to implement big and bold transformational moves to prune it and enable it to float with the challenges in the direction of growth.

Our consulting is all encompassing and pervasive allowing us to deal with the complexities of business growth that is brought about globalization and technology. Mazars Wiscon Associates engages with market leaders in different industry verticals in Tanzania and enables them to explore growth opportunities in the country. While staying competitive to venture into an international business climate, Mazars Wiscon Associates is able to grow, expand, and compete with the best global players in the industry.

The expertise and experience of the firm in matters of financial strategy formulation and implementation, corporate level planning, budgeting and forecasting, legal compliance, regulatory and governance issues, internal audit services and tax consulting in Tanzania earned the respect of industry leading companies in Tanzania.

The list of functions performed by the firm under the head of consulting consists of but is not limited to the following:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Technology consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • Forecasting and scenario analysis
  • Transactions