Financial Advisory

Mazars Wiscon Associates, provides an extensive of bouquet of financial advisory services to its clients from banking and financial services vertical. The suite of financial advisory services of Mazars Wiscon Associates includes but is not limited to the facets of corporate financial reporting, preparation of periodic financial statements, account books, financial guidance and forecasting, corporate budgeting, financial planning, analysis and assessment of capital structure, liabilities and assets, shareholder funds and dividend policy formulation and financial scenario analysis for different time frames while complying with globally accepted and benchmarked IFRS standards.

A business enterprise faces a multitude of issues related to financial transactions, accounting standards, book keeping, GAAP conversion and restatement, accounting for corporate restructuring, corporate debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alternate process, reverse mergers and integration.

There are myriad issues related to accounting and finance that keep getting complex with the evolution of the business landscape, growth and contraction of business and routine compliance procedures. Mazars Wiscon Associates offers best in class financial advisory and accounting expertise to deal with these issues with ease and precision. To this extent the firm offers a wide range of services under the head of financial and accounting advisory.

The list of functions under advisory consists of but is not limited to the functions of GAAP conversions, capital market transactions, IPO, advisory on corporate debt and organizational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, treasury and hedge accounting support, accounting training solutions and manuals and implementation of new pronouncements on accounting guidelines at the global and local levels in Tanzania.

The firm works with clients of diverse scopes and backgrounds. As a leading enterprise with expertise in tax consulting and audit services in Tanzania, Mazars Wiscon Associates works with both state owned and corporate financial institutions, blue chip corporations and micro, small & medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The firm offers customized financial advisory services for institutionalization of business accounting system, firm performance assessment, strategic financial planning and financial forecasting relative to market performance and benchmarked metrics.

Key highlights of financial services advisory services of Mazars Wiscon Associates are as follows:

  • End to end financial strategy formulation and system design for implementation
  • Complete suite of financial advisory services for both company and market performance analysis
  • Customized financial advisory for planning, budgeting and financial reporting as per IFRS framework
  • Expertise and experience in working with state owned and corporate financial enterprises
  • Expertise and experience in hosting and launching business accounting system