Internal Audit

Mazars Wiscon Associates provides comprehensive internal audit services in Tanzania. The firm offers end to end solutions for internal audit processes of client companies belonging to diverse verticals and streamlines enterprise risk management, operational control and governance. In doing so, Mazars Wiscon Associates offers operational and financial advisory to boards of directors of client companies to address challenges of financial reporting, legal, financial and statutory compliance.

Mazars Wiscon Associates offers reliable and transparent auditing services in Tanzania with the objective to streamline business processes, risk models, organizational control procedures and compliance to standard industry best practices to improve efficiency in operations. The firm offers advisory to boards of directors to objectively improve performance on financial and operational metrics and thus enables clients to move up the value curve. The firm works with management committees, audit committees, board of directors and promoters of businesses to identify and address complex risk factors in the business model.

The external environment of business keeps evolving every day. The continually changing matrix of government, technology and regulatory factors poses new challenges to business enterprises that have to be addressed by means of a crystal clear corporate strategy to protect and shield the business. It is the context of complex enterprise risk management that internal audit services act as radar to the smooth functioning of the board of directors and the firm as a whole.

The objective is to engage in risk spreading and risk pulling for the client firm to reduce its vulnerability to an ever evolving environment. Mazars Wiscon Associates internal audit services enable clients to reduce risk exposure in their business models and optimize business performance. The firm’s internal audit services in Tanzania are designed to offer data driven insights to corporate level executives and board members to navigate and river raft through compliance, regulation and governance challenges to focus on shareholder value maximization.

As a professional provider of internal auditing services in Tanzania the firm brings integrity, transparency and accountability to the table. The firm works with companies of different scopes and sizes. Mazars Wiscon Associates invests in people, processes and technology to offer a consistent approach of global standards for the performance of internal audit of client firms.

The firm follows global best practices while conforming to the regulatory framework of the government of Tanzania to offer insights to strengthen and de-risk clients’ business and revenue models. The firm works with public limited, private limited, government owned, joint venture and family business enterprises in Tanzania.

The firm holds strong expertise and experience in the execution of internal audit planning, internal audit diagnostic, internal audit transformation and internal control testing. The highlights of the auditing services in Tanzania, offered by the firm are as follows:

  • Identification and resolution of risk factors
  • Compliance to statutory and legal norms
  • Improvement of cost efficiency of business
  • Advisory to improve ROI on business processes
  • Advisory to streamline governance issues