Mazars Wiscon Associates offers professional consultancy in Tanzania. The firm offers end to end solutions for the management of the entire spectrum of direct and indirect tax management. Mazars Wiscon Associates enables clients to streamline the function of tax management and resolve challenges that arise out of tax compliance requirements while analyzing and managing the impact of tax burden on the top line and bottom line.

Corporate tax advisory is one of the most prominent challenges of direct tax compliance and fulfillment of regulatory norms. Corporate income tax is a tool of strategic importance for a government to spur economic activity and investment in business verticals that are crucial to economic growth.

Direct tax codes evolve with time and become more complex to handle as a business enterprise achieves growth. Mazars Wiscon Associates provides a professional direct tax consultancy in Tanzania to corporate enterprises to keep pace with day to day changes in the direct tax code and streamline issues of corporate taxation.

Indirect taxes permeate all areas of business. Indirect tax regime continually evolves and spans across a vast area of business including products, raw materials, work in progress, finished goods, cash flow and fund flow, revenue, profitability, shareholder value and market capitalization of companies.

The board impact of  indirect taxes calls for surgical precision in the analysis of the indirect tax regime and continuous efforts to consolidate indirect tax planning, payments, budgeting and streamlining of transactions to stay relevant in business in the face of competition.

Mazars Wiscon Associates analyzes the tax environment to identify areas of strategic advantage for clients and address issues related to the payment, filing, planning and lawful management of corporate income tax and indirect taxes while upholding value of corporate citizenship that is responsible and sustainable.

The firm has proven expertise and experience in addressing issues of tax planning, tax statement preparation, tax filing, and tax rebate management, management of subsidies and submission of tax returns. The firm seeks inputs from clients on their business and revenue models, to understand analyze and assess the impact of the tax regime on corporate profitability and thus recommend ways to manage the tax burden while respecting the law of the land and adhering to compliance, regulatory and governance parameters.

Tax planning and effective tax consultancy is a core competence of the firm. The firm has offered tax consultancy in Tanzania to enterprises from the SME sector, start-ups, blue chip corporations, public sector units and undertakings. Highlights of the services of tax consultancy in Tanzania, offered by the firm are as follows:

  • Monthly Filing of tax returns ( VAT, Withholding tax and PAYE)
  • Annual income Tax budgeting
  • Tax refunds and rebates
  • Tax statement preparation
  • Lawful tax burden planning
  • Real time alerts on changes in tax regime